Long term Methodology:

Task Methodology Outcome Indicators
Gather a team of Palestinians, Israelis and Jordanians Join efforts with women influencers, decision makers, peace builders, Rotarians The Women of the Middle East Network is launched at a live event on January 25, 2018, in Jerusalem, by Jordanians, Israelis, and Palestinians W.O.M.E.N. launched and active
Pilot project on



Leadership Training




Network and educate women, youth, and men on conflict resolution, inner joy, accepting the other, effective communication, entrepreneurship, health, personal development, and how to strengthen relationships People from each nation support the mission to build a network that leads to increased education, empowerment, leadership and communication skills for women in the region

Transboundary projects initiated

# of participants

# of projects

Location of projects

Education and training pieces in place

Training of Trainers (TOT) Skills upscaling Personal Development / Health / Relationships


Leadership (in the home, business, community, nation)

Skilled Trainers from three nations (Israel, Palestine and Jordan) and the U.S. # trainers

# leaders

# experts 

Projects-based Methodology:

Task Methodology Outcome Indicators
Development of Education Materials Prepare educational materials for each topic from the Long Term Methodology

Establish a website for online education

Materials ready; some  accredited by selected US Universities  / colleges # Topics

# Classes

Functioning website

Accreditation secured

In person and online training Grant access to participants from three nations to the website and online classes Access to classes and certificates

Access to webinars

# of participants / students

# certificates obtained

Joint Entrepreneur/Business


Connect participants on a personal level and encourage joint ventures Partnership projects # projects

# people connected

#goals met